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The InnerSight Story

The story of InnerSight is one of individuals and organizations brought together by a call to explore their shared belief in the power of the person.

From the age of seven or eight, Mark Perkins was drawn to the idea that each of us possesses special gifts and talents that should somehow be used to make the world a better place. He answered the challenge of uncovering his personal gifts by responding to the many calls he has received throughout his life – to be a gofer, a bricklayer, a graduate student, a researcher, a university administrator, vice president, chancellor, and president.

This journey of helping individuals and organizations unlock their potential found its next calling one summer day, when Jonathan K. Wilber stepped onto the Washington, D.C. Metro and said, “Chancellor, where have you been? I have been looking for you!”

Jonathan was senior partner of Master Key Consulting, a unique company founded upon the key principles of corporate integrity, service to clients and community, and placing the highest value on the knowledge, experience, vision and energy of its employees. The rapport was immediate, and Mark answered Jonathan’s call to share ideas and help guide Master Key toward its future.

Master Key was successful because of Jonathan’s passion for people and his profound understanding of their importance in the processes of both work and life.  It is all about the people. And it was a perfect cauldron for pursuing the power of putting the person in the processes of life.

After being chided by Jonathan to do something with this “person in the process” idea in 2004, Mark found himself engaged in an animated conversation about the concept when visiting with John Reeves, a longtime friend and expert in School Psychology and Special Education.  Mark and John met in graduate school and share a passion for using their personal gifts to make a difference for others.

They talked for hours about the prospect of helping people gain insight into their special interests and preferences, and how that could profoundly affect one’s choices in education, career and in life. They acknowledged the far-reaching potential for personal and professional satisfaction, and the tremendous value that fully engaged, positive and effective individuals would have in the Knowledge Age workplace.

But, most importantly, they came to understand the power of helping individuals find those insights they could use to put themselves in the process of making their personal, educational and career choices – processes that foster growth, satisfaction, success and happiness.  What a prospect! What a gift! What a calling!

With the support and encouragement of Jonathan Wilber, CEO, and Michael Wilson, President of Master Key Consulting, InnerSight became the personal, professional and organizational development division of Master Key Consulting to:

Help People Make Better Life Choices and Decisions

Success followed demand and the partners decided InnerSight was positioned to stand on its own as a new entity.  In May of 2009, InnerSight LLC was established in Greensboro, North Carolina, where John, Mark and the InnerSight team have served thousands of youths and adults in transition.  From the Southeast to the City of Los Angeles InnerSight has built effective partnerships that Help People Make Better Life Choices.