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The People of InnerSight

Dr. Mark L. Perkins, President

Dr. Mark L. PerkinsDr. Mark L. Perkins has over 30 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer, Vice President and Leader in developing organizational teams and systems using a results oriented approach to realizing strategic goals. His experience includes strategic organizational positioning in competitive markets, recruitment and development of senior leadership teams to achieve positioning goals, development of integrated systems to bring data to bear on critical decision making processes and the development of human capital to sustain organizational momentum in changing environments.

He has successfully led complex organizations with operating budgets ranging from $70 million to $223 million and more than 2,000 employees. He understands complex organizations as systems and has successfully identified and developed national niches for those he has served. He has expertise in governmental relations and fund raising that has resulted in multimillion dollar enhancements for his enterprises. His leadership expertise includes strategic positioning, leadership team selection and development, and assisting complex organizations in improving performance through systems thinking.

Dr. Perkins knows that education’s efforts to develop the whole person do not provide students with the same opportunities to understand their interests, preferences and spiritual values as they do math science and english.  He believes this personal understanding is essential for achieving satisfaction, superior performance and happiness in life.  Knowing who you are is the foundation for becoming a contributing citizen in a free and global society.  While at the American Council on Education, he learned that few institutions have developed effective learning models or experiences that foster personal development as effectively as intellectual achievement.

Dr. Perkins’ unusual blend of strategic, academic, fiscal planning and organizational leadership  has served him well in achieving the desired results for the organizations he has served. His visionary leadership and passion for the development of the whole person now finds expression in the strategic leadership of InnerSight®.



  • President and Managing Partner InnerSight LLC
  • Senior Executive and Partner Master Key Consulting
  • Senior Associate, American Council on Education
  • President and CEO, Towson University
  • Chancellor and CEO, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Fiscal Officer, California State University, Stanislaus
  • Associate Executive Vice President, Old Dominion University
  • Executive Assistant to the President, Old Dominion University
  • Director, Office of Planning and Analysis, Old Dominion University
  • Associate Director, Office of Institutional Research, Old Dominion University
  • Examination Research and Development Specialist, Division of Personnel, Commonwealth of Virginia


  • Ph. D. Psychometrics and Statistics, University of Georgia, 1976
  • MA. Measurement and Research Design, University of Georgia, 1974
  • BA. Psychology, St. Andrews Presbyterian College, 1972


John Reeves, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

John Reeves
Mr. John Reeves is a psychologist and nationally recognized special education expert. He has over 30 years of experience in researching and assisting children and adults in understanding themselves, their capacities and preferences so they might realize their fullest potential. Through his career and research he has confirmed that we too often leave the person out of the process. He has led a nationally recognized program for special needs students and served as Executive Director of a County Education board. His years of leadership experience and research in special education and psychometrics have fostered the development of InnerSight® the personal, professional and organizational development service.

He is interesting, informative and fun to work with. He works effectively with people to develop a framework, vocabulary and capacity for discussing their interests and preferences so they can grow effectively as a person. He leads the sales and development efforts of InnerSight®.


  • Assistant Principal and County Coordinator, McCarthy/Teszler School, Serving Seven Spartanburg County School Districts
  • Executive Director, Spartanburg County Board of Education
  • Director of Special Education, Spartanburg County School District Six
  • District School Psychologist Spartanburg School District Six


  • Specialist in Education, University of Georgia, 1975
  • M.Ed. University of Georgia, 1974
  • BA, Georgia Southern University, 1972


  • School Psychologist
  • High School Principal
  • Elementary Principal
  • Mental Disabilities (Mild and Moderate)
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Applied Behavior Therapy Coordinator