Success Wanted? Apply Within.
Be Happier and More Successful in Your Career!

When what we do reflects our interests, preferences and gifts. When our work is an expression of some aspects of our true selves – we feel positive, empowered, passionate.

Don’t Go To College to Learn Who You Are

That could be an expensive choice. The most expensive choice is not the college you choose but the number of times you change your major.

Leave the Military Without Regret!

The military career endgame is made up of thousands of questions that all hinge upon each other. And no one starts with any of the answers.

Want Your Employees to Excel at their Work?

Matching the right employee with the right job– by looking more closely at the skills interests and talents of your employees and managers– will help them acheive optimal performance and superior productivity.

10 Things You Won’t Learn on Your College Tour

80% of college-bound students have not picked a major. 50% of those who declare a major will change it once, and many change it two or three times

Be a Better Guide for your Child’s Academic Career

Parents who have a deeper understanding of their child’s preferences and interests are more effective guides who are more likely to encourage their children in the pursuit of their academic passions.

Are You Trapped in Transition?

Life is a journey, and that means personal transition. Transitions are a natural part of life until you are trapped or paralyzed by what to do next.

What Is Cool About InnerSight?

People in Transition, Guidance Counselors, Case Managers, Career Counselors and Employment Specialists find InnerSight helpful in lots of ways.  Some find it to be just plain fun!

Find Success in the Knowledge Age

In the Industrial Age, success was achieved by building efficient systems that focused on brick, mortar and machine. In the Knowledge Age, these recipes no longer work.

Select a Major That Fits You!

Daniel Pink shares what you should consider when you are selecting a college major.

People in Transition Get Traction With InnerSight

People across America find job or career change to be a part of today’s workplace.  Richard Sloan, a director of human resources, was responsible for downsizing his company and then was laid off himself.  Listen to his story and see if it sounds familiar.

The Story of InnerSight

The story of InnerSight is one of individuals and organizations brought together by a call to explore their shared belief in the power of the person.

WIOA Leaders Say InnerSight Helps Meet Federal Mandates and Achieve Results

Effective program leaders are constantly seeking better results and return on their investment.  Debra Giordano, an experienced program leader, discusses her focus and expectations.

Martin Luther King Jr. On The Purpose of Education

A paper written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he was a student at Morehouse College

Qualities of Effective Learners, Workers, and Leaders

Passion. Positive attitude. Commitment to excellence. These are the qualities of effective learners, workers, and leaders – individuals whose personal and career choices are aligned with their preferences, interests and gifts.