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Leave the Military Without Regret!

The military career endgame is made up of  thousands  of questions that  hinge upon each other. And no one starts with any of the answers.

  • What job do you want to do after leaving the military?
  • What Jobs are you suited for?

Research on regret shows, the top two regrets of Americans always center around education and career:

    • I should have stayed in school, studied harder, got my degree
    • I should have picked a different field, should have taken that job in Georgia, should have jumped ship sooner

Researchers note that we tend to collect our regrets in life at the decision points where we think we once had the most opportunity. We regret the moments when we had the biggest array of choices that would make the biggest difference … and chose the wrong thing.

Leave the military with a sense of meaning and purpose–and few regrets– Let InnerSight help with your personal transition plan by uncovering your interests and preferences and show you the occupations and jobs that people like you most enjoy. Bring focus to your Journey by starting with YOU!


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