Success Wanted? Apply Within.

All Youth Participants’ Evaluation Statements by Question and Category


Question One: What did you like most about the experience?

Category: Myself

“I liked that I found one of my interests.”
“How the inner sight program really let me know more about myself.”
“That it help me understand myself better.”
” I enjoyed the the knowledge I gained about my own self.”
“And I liked that I discovered what I am really into.”
“It does teach you a lot about you.”
“I got the opportunity to hear more about myself, my goals and my future. “
“How I got to learn about myself and the different jobs that I am interested in.”
“Learning more about myself.”
“A great experience of discovering myself. I learned a lot of things about myself I didn’t know before.”
“The most is that you get to know things that you don’t realize about yourself.”
“It made me really dig into myself and see the type of person I am.”
“I like most was how I learned a lot about myself.”
“To get to know myself much better.”
“I got to learn more about myself.”
“I found out more about myself.”
“I got to find out about myself.”
“What I liked most about this innersight was being able to learn more about myself and what I want to major in.”
“I enjoyed learning about myself.”
“I liked most that I learned more about myself.”
“How much more that I learned about myself.”
“I liked the fact they could help better my knowledge about myself.”
“I learned more about myself.”
“I learned more about myself.”
“It helped me find out more things about me”
“What I liked the most was that I learned new things about myself that I would’ve never thought I had in me.”
“I really liked that I learned things about myself that I never realized.”
“That I’ve learned more about myself and what career I’m going for.”
“Gave me better ideas about myself.”
“The idea that there are things I’ve yet to know about myself and InnerSight gave me insight.”
“I learned about myself more.”
“What I learned about myself.”
“I learn more about myself and the information was very accurate.”
“What I liked most about the experience was learning more about myself as an individual and the job opportunities.”
“I found out many things about me.”
“I got the opportunity to learn more characteristics about myself.”
“How I learn about myself”
“That I discovered new things about myself.”
“Being able to find out more about myself.”
“I learned something new about myself.”
“I learned some reassuring things about myself.”
“That I was able to learn something new about myself.”
“I like how I learned about myself and I was guided to different careers.”
“It taught me things about myself I did not know about myself.”
“I liked that it told me a lot about myself.”
“That I found interesting things about me”
“That I learned new things about myself.”
“It taught me more of myself.”
“That I got to learn about myself.”
“I really learned and consumed a lot about myself.”
“It helped me really understand myself.”
“That you can discover more about yourself.”
“Learning about me.”
“Everything, learning about myself.”
“It helped me get a little better at researching and understanding about myself and the job field.”
“Learning about myself and about possible work relations.”
“I got to know more about myself.”
“It was crystal clear and it was eye opening to learn more about myself.”
“The whole self-discovery aspect of this.
“That I learned more about myself.”
“I liked how it gave very good info about myself that I know subconsciously, but this put it into words that I couldn’t do myself”
“I learned a lot about myself and my different interests.”
“What I learned about myself.”
“I learned more about myself and what I want as a future.”
“I really liked how I learned more about myself.”
“I liked that I got know myself better.”
“I discovered new things about myself.”
“What I liked most about the experience is that it taught me more about myself.”
“I learned about myself.”
“I liked that I found things about myself I had no idea I had interest in.”
“I found out a lot about myself.”
“That I learned about myself, and that there are more careers for me out there.”
“It describes who I am. ”
“I liked that I learned more about myself today.”
“Learning about myself.”
” I learn more about myself. My working style, team oriented…..”
“I got to learn more about myself.”
“What I liked most is that you get to know more about yourself. That you are more motivated to pursue what you want in life.”
“It helped me discover more about myself and what I would like to do.”
“I like how it was just about you and focused on areas you would fit into.”
“How it reflected about myself.”
“Learning about myself and getting confirmation about what I want to do.”
“That I was able to learn more about myself.”
“I liked how I learned more about who I am and what I want to pursue in life.”
“Learning more about myself.”
“It was fun and I learned a lot about myself.”
“That I didn’t really know what I wanted to be but now I see what I want to be.”
“I like most about the experience that I was able to learn more about myself.”
“That I learn more about myself.”
“What I liked was that it explained to me more about myself.”
“I learned thing I didn’t know about myself.”
“That I got to learn more about myself.”
“I get to know myself more.”
“Learning about myself.”
“It would explain more about myself that I didn’t know.”
“Learning new ideas and things about myself.”
“I learned so much about myself, I have so many career opportunities.”
“I found out more about myself than I knew before.”
“I learned more about myself.”
“Learning things about myself that I can describe in an interview. ”
“It taught me more about myself and my interest.”
“It helped me discover new interests that I didn’t know before.”
“I like that I discovered things I didn’t know about myself.”
“I enjoyed the clear and concise approach of the InnerSight Experience, to be able to decipher myself.”
“The things you discover about yourself and the finds of things you can do in life.”
“What I liked most about the experience is I learned new information about myself and careers.”
“A very helpful experience in the beginning of our quest of self discovery and goal setting.”
“That I learn[ed] about myself.”
“Reading about myself”
“Learning and defining myself.”
“I learned more about myself.”
“I liked that I was able to see things about myself that I couldn’t see before.”
“I liked how I discovered new pathways for me.”
“You get to learn about yourself.”
” I learned a lot about myself.”
“That I discovered my passion(nursing).”
“I was able to learn about who I am.”
“I learned many things about myself and what I enjoy most.”
“I like learning more about myself.”
“I learned a lot about myself.”
“I got to learn more about myself.”
“Learning a little more about myself.”
“I was able to discover who I was.”
“Able to think about myself more.”
“That I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know before.”
“What I liked the most about the experience was that I was able to learn more about myself.”
“I learned more about myself.”
“Being able to notice and find out more about me.”
“I got to find out about me.”
“I liked that I was able to learn new things about myself.”
“I liked being able to learn about myself and share common interests with others.”
“It taught me more about myself and what I really might want to do.”
“Learning about myself.”
“I learned new things about myself.”
“Getting to know myself better.”
“I liked that I had a chance to get to know more about myself.”
“It helped me learn thing(s) about myself I didn’t even know about.”
“Learning more about myself.”
“I discovered I’m very artistic”
“The experience was great, it showed me many things I didn’t know about myself.”
“What I like most about the Experience is the things that I didn’t know about myself.”
“Finding out my strengths and weaknesses.”
“I learned new things about myself.”
“All the info that it gave me about myself.”
“I got to know myself better.”
“Things I didn’t know about me.”
“I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know, and the subjects that interest me.”
“What I like about the experience was learning more about myself and what occupations are out there.”
“What I liked most about this experience was that I learned more about myself and career paths.”
“What I liked about this experience is that I got to learn more about myself and that I’m in the right career path.”
“There is a lot of I’m interested that I didn’t know.”
“It’s a great way to learn more about yourself.”
“I learned a lot more qualifications about myself.”
“That I learned more about myself and where my life goals are.”
“That I found out a lot of new things about myself.”
“I liked that I learned more about myself.”
“I liked learning more about myself.”
“Everything and I learned more about myself”
“I liked everything but especially that I learned about myself.”
“Learning about myself.”
“Learning myself”
“Learning about my strengths in music.”
“I like how I got to know myself in a job area.”
“I learned so much about myself.”
“Learning about myself a little more.”
“I liked that I learned about myself in a different way.”
“I had an opportunity to learn about myself”
“That I learned a lot about myself”
“Finding out new things about me”
“I learn myself more”
“Learned a little more about my likes and dislikes”
“I learned more about myself and what careers I might be interested in”
“I learned about myself and what I want to do.”
“Learning about myself.”
“I liked that I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know.”
“Knowing about inner you.”
“I learned a lot about myself and how to use the book correctly.”
“Learning about myself.”
“I discovered a lot of things about me.”
“Learning about me.”
“I was able to learn more things about myself that I did not know.”
“Discovered my interests.”

Category: Career Options

“It opened my eyes to all of my available job opportunities. I loved this.”
“It helped out with career decisions.”
“I liked the fact that it taught us about more careers.”
“All the occupational options.”
“Got to know about careers more.”
“The InnerSight experience gave me an insight of what career I want to take.”
“It provided new options I had doubts about in the past.”
“It guide[d] me to who I am and who I want to be in the future.”
“Career choices.”
“The experience allowed me to understand a career that I would be more interested in doing well.”
“InnerSight was an amazing experience for me. It helped me figure out what career path to take and reassured me on what I like to do.”
“Gave me choices to career paths.”
“I got to know what career to choose in life.”
” It made me think about my preferences and future career options.”
“What I enjoyed about InnerSight was having more than one option as well as different careers I have never heard about.”
“What I most like abou the experience is the fact that they help figure out who you want to be in life.”
“I enjoyed the opportunity to explore more career choices that are in the field I’m interested as well as what exactly one does.”
“Learning about new career options that I scored high in.”
“I was able to become much more open minded to the career of interest. I found out a few careers that were never on my mindset. Interesting.
“Provided information of job duties of recommended careers.”
“That I learned what careers I can take in the future.”
“I liked everything, greatest way to guiding you on your interests and career goals.”
“I was able to look outside the box of just one career.”
“They showed me a lot of job options I didn’t know existed.”
“That it not only gave you careers but also college courses you could take and it gave you an idea of what you would be doing in the work fields.”
“It helped me understand more about the jobs that I could actually be good at.”
“That I got a chance to evaluate and get an understanding of careers I never thought I would go for.”
“I liked how it gave me different career ideas for my choice.”
“That it tells you what your personality is and what you would like to work in in the future.”
“I got to discover my job interest.”
“How I like the career.”
“I learned about various other career opportunities that are within my interests.”
“Learning about what I can do in the work force.”
“It gave me a clear-eye view of my career preferences and other things.”
“New jobs I didn’t know about.”
“I got to see more options in jobs.”
“That my career is more clear to me.”
“Learning new job & career.”
“It helped me figure out things I would like to do.”
“Careers I could be interested.”
“I learned more about my future goals and career choices I have to choose from.”
“I found out about more jobs I may be interested in.”
“Expanded the possibilities for me, no longer stuck in a box.”
“Answers I got about career choices.”
“I learned a new occupation I could and like to do.”
“Different jobs and opportunity”
“Types of careers that I could pursue to.”
“The fact I got more ideas of what I can do”
“I liked the descriptive details of my interests and occupations.”
“The way they can open your mind onto varieties in work experience.”
“I most liked, that I was given ideas about what to do with my future.”
“I liked that the presentation helped me figure out what I should do for my career.”
“They help you discover jobs.”
“Gave me more ideas for my career!”
“Learning about more occupations.”
“That I was able to see what jobs are available to me.”
“I was able to find [the] career best for me to be happy working.”
“I know what I want to do now. The InnerSight is very detailed, helpful and very efficient.”
“The fact that they provided a collection of occupations and descriptions of them was extremely helpful.”
“Helped me understand that my career was already in mind.”
“I know what to study.”
“Learned more about physical therapy and military enlisting.”
“What I liked the most was that I had a variety of jobs listed that applied to me.”
“I learned more about jobs and their descriptions.”
“My report analysis of my top career.”
“Exploring new career paths.”
“Finding out I have more chooses in life to be.”
“I like the pharmacist most.”
“How I got to learn that there are more careers out there for me.”
“New job experiences, helps describe yourself.”
“It gives me more career choices to consider.”
“Showed me exactly what I wanted to do.”
“It gave me more options about my job choices.”
“I learned that I can go after my career”
“Learning of new occupations”
“Recommending internship and majors that relate to the job.”
“Learning about jobs I might like.”
“I liked how the jobs related to my interests every time.”
“I like how much it opened my eyes as well as my mind to new opportunities. I have a stronger direction in life.”
“I liked that it cleared my mind in what I need to do in order to pursue my dreams.”
“I liked the way we talked about careers and what we are interested in.”
“It gave me many opportunities to learn about different careers.”
“It gave me more open jobs that I would like.”
“Learning about new jobs or careers I never knew about.”
“That I got very much information about a lot of jobs.”
Also the careers I was paired up with are what I want to do in life.”
“I got details about careers and majors.”
“I liked most about the experience was to learn more about careers and future jobs.”
“That, it opened up my career options.”
“It helped me confirm what I wanted to do as a career.”
“I learned what occupation interest I should look into and work.”
“How much we were exposed to many career opportunities and how we can invest in those opportunities.”
“That I was able to understand the duties perform by many occupations I was interested in.”
“I liked that it let me know about more jobs that I might be interested in.”
“The fact that I was able to find many options that was related to my interest.”
“It told me what I would be having in following a career.”
“I learned about career choices that I really did not take into consideration during my process in applying to college.”
“I liked that there was plenty of opportunities that sound like me but I was interested in criminal justice.”
“I discovered what I could be most successful in.”
“Different occupations in my interest.”
“I have an idea of the job I want for my future.”
“I discovered that I love technology and carpenter stuff.”
“Being able to learn how close of a career you can choose and be good at.”
“I received a lot more info involving my job career.”
“Lets me know what I am good at and what I can do.”
“I learned about my future careers.”
“It was well explained and I enjoyed learning about my potential careers.”
“I got to learn what I want to do in life.”
“It helped me gather more information about the careers that cannot only benefit me but can be such a success in my life and future.”
“I like this program because it gave me a better understanding of what careers are available to me that I desire.”
“The list of career choices.”
“That I learned a little bit more of what I want to pursue.”
“What I most liked about the experience was that it was a guide to what I want to pursue later on and changed my mind about what I want to major in.”
“That I understand what type of careers I would like to work in.”
“I liked how it broadened my perspective of what I would like to do in the future.”
“What I liked most about this experience is that I got a better understanding of who I am and the potential careers I would like to pursue.”
“Showed me careers that I didn’t know (I) would excel in.”
“It told me about various career and educational opportunities.”
“More career opportunities.”
“I liked everything about this experience knowing all the different careers there are there.”
“About how theres so many job options out there.”
“Learning new jobs”
“I got to know where I want to be placed and other things I can do similar to my dream career.”
“Found out about career paths/choices. Learned about my working style.”
“The ability to find an understanding in my future career.”
“I learned more about what careers and jobs I am suited for.”
“I liked that this experience opened up my job options to more careers than I thought.”
“How it really helped me get a better understanding of what I want to go into.”
“I now have an idea of what I want to do in a career.”
“That I learned what job is suitable for me.”
“It helped me find out what I really want to do.”
“I like the fact I had different job options.”
“It helped me realize that there are more jobs with similar interests.”
“I found out about jobs that I really didn’t consider at first.”
“I liked learning about my job options.”
“What career choices and options…”
“You learn a lot about careers that suit you, that you didn’t even know about.”
“The fact that I got to see what I might be good at.”
“Although there was other career options for me, I know that a pre-K teacher is where I want to be.”
“The fact that it makes you realize there are many great opportunities out there.”
“I liked how I learned about multiple career choices.”
“That it taught me on more career options and other interest I have.”
“All of the other career options I had available to me.”
“I liked that I learn about different careers”
“I learned things about different careers.”
“It taught me what kind of jobs I like.”
“I liked that it showed me careers that I’ve never thought of.”
“Learning about different career choices.”
“Learning about the field I’m interested in.”
“I learned what career I actually want to do.”
“Finding out what I like to do most.”
“It helped me understand my career goals more clearly.”
“I got the opportunity to review other options, career wise.”
“The it gave me the information of what I intend to study.”
“Knowing more about what I want to work in.”
“I liked that I was able to see what kind of jobs and careers I should do.”
“That it helped me with narrowing down my choices in what I would want to study and work in.”
“It helps you get ready and be aware of work fields.”
“The career choices provided that I didn’t know about.”
“Learning about new job opportunities.”
“I learned more about my career choices what I majored in.”
“I like the fact that it opened me up to many choices & influenced me into applying myself to not just one but many careers.”
“Helps to seek out more than one career.”
“Help me understand my job better that I want to do.”
“I found out that art and auto mobile [sic] mechanic.”
“I liked it because it showed me a chart of what I’m into as a career.”
“That now I know what career fields I should start applying.”
“That I learned about some jobs that I might be interested in.”
“Learned insight about job fields I’d be best at.”
“We went over jobs that are good for me in the same field.”
“The part about my career goals”
“I learned about more occupation(s) to pursue”
“I realized what jobs I wouldn’t like”
“It showed a lot about what I would like to work in.”
“I was able to get information on my future career.”

Category: The Presenters

“I liked how Wendy & Gary considered everything everyone had to say.”
“I loved the communication and even though it was a large group, the topics and session as a whole was very personalized. The presenters were very helpful, friendly and genuine.”
“The presenters seemed very interested in what we said.”
“The communication between the presenters and us.”
“The guidance.”
“The guidance and what I learned.”
“I liked Wendy a lot. Her public speaking skills are amazing.”
“What I liked the most was having a guide that clarified all my doubts on what career to choose.”
“I like that the instructor explained everything and made it easy to understand by the power point presentation. “
“I liked that it was a very friendly environment. The speaker was enthusiastic and willing to help and explain.”
“How he briefly explained the information.”
“I liked how the class was small so the presenter got to talk to each person.”
“The two presenters were friendly and funny.”
“I liked that the two presenters were very outgoing and made it interesting.”
“The bubbly and exciting personality of the presenters.”
“I liked that my presenters made me feel comfortable.”
The speakers were dazzling!”
“The presenters made sure you were comfortable and I learned more about myself.”
“That the speakers were really friendly.”
“That they made it clear for me.”
“I liked how the instructor was clear and had a happy personality. It made the environment and the entire presentation much more enjoyable.”
“I like his personality.”
“I like how the presenters were funny, helpful and really nice.”
“What I liked most was that it was interactive and the presenters made it fun and was fair.”
“The interaction the presenter had with the class was great.”
“The instructor was very helpful in answering questions about the various careers.”
“I like that the presenter was energized.”
“That it was on point and he was very friendly.”
“I liked that the presenters were welcoming and amiable.”
“The presenters and how nice they were.”
“I felt very welcome.”
“I love the presenter! He made me reflect and he was very nice.”
“I liked how the presenters were able to open my eyes to new and potential careers worth exploring.”
“The time Bill took on his Saturday morning to help the teens.”
“The way he was teaching was easy to learn.”
“Outgoing presenter, and knowledge for a right path.”
“The presenters were nice.”
“The Insight Guide for us.”
“I liked the fact that our guides actively interacted with us.”
“The teacher and socializing.”
“The presenters were nice and genuine.”
“They were nice people. They know how to explain what their talking about. Patience with everyone.”
“The presenter was very clear when explaining what everything meant, was engaging and entertaining.”
“What I like best about this experience is that they explained everything.”
“The presenter, he was very helpful and fun in helping us understand ourselves.”
“Through the whole process, the guides were helpful and friendly.”
“Mostly what I’ve myself most like was the speakers were very clear.”
“The guy was nice/funny.”
“The presenter was really nice.”
“I liked the fact that the speaker was very outspoken and listened to what we(students) had to say. Very polite! ”
“That the guide explained everything as well as possible.”
“I enjoyed the fact that the presenter walked us through the session.”
“What I liked most about this experience is that the presenter was energetic and communicative.”
“It was fun, instructor was understanding and relatable.”
“The way he explained every powerpoint.”
“Great guy!”
“Pizza, the presenter.”
“I like how the presenter really teached me about careers.”
“The instructor was nice and helpful.”
“The stories he shared.”
“He was very interactive and really made you understand about yourself.”
“He was nice.”
“The presenters are nice people, and are good at explaining”
“I liked how he interacted with us and got us to participate. Didn’t have a monotone and made it interesting.”
“The presenters were nice, good at their job, and very helpful.”
“The professionalism of the speaker.”
“That the presenter listened and understood me.”
“1 chill instructor.”
“…and the presenter.”
“The teachers”
“That the instructor was nice and made me feel comfortable about asking.”
“Instructors were polite & not mean.”
“The way he explained.”
“The way they explained the book to us and broke it down to figure out who we could be.”
“Kenyatta relatability.”
“The motivation.”
“That the presenter was clear and understandable.”
“The instructor was very helpful.”
“I enjoyed the energy and attitude of our instructor.”

Category: What I Learned

“Learning more about my strengths and easier access into choosing a career.”
“Putting on the right way.”
“I got an idea of what I like.”
“Like finding more about my skills.”
“I got to learn a few good informative things”
“Learn more about my interests for the future”
“I learned more about my interests and skills that can help me improve in live.”
“I liked that I learned a bit more of what I will prefer to do.”
“I learned a lot.”
“I learned a lot that can be helpful to my future.”
“I liked the learning experience and that they listened to what I have to say.”
“That I learned new thing”
“I learned something new.”
“I made my goals clear.”
“I got a lot of knowledge from it.”
“I realized I need some work experience.”
“I liked most the learning experience and how well everything was explained.”
“I learned different potentials that I have.”
“I learned new things.”
“I learned something new.”
“Is there more that we could learn if we had more time.”
“I learned a lot.”
“I liked that we were able to express ourselves and learn things we never knew before.”
“Understanding, learning, and growing with my career.”
“How much I learned!”
“It was a fun learning process.”
“I need experience to get a job.”
“What I liked the most of this experience is that I got a better understanding of things.”
“Friendly help. Learned a lot!”
“The hands on learning and the good vibes.”
“Learning new info.”
“That I learned a lot of new things.”
“I learned everything I need to know.”
“Learning about my interests.”
“Learning new things about InnerSight.”
“What I most liked about this was that I learned that I want to be something I like.”
“It was fun. I learn a lot of new things”
“The fact that I learned so much.”
“Learning I’m not the only one with choices that can help us make good choices.”
“Learning more about the qualities that make (me) who I am and getting an insight on what other possibilities I can attain.”
“I was able to be more involved with my future goals.”
“I’m very indecisive but need to expand horizon”
“How I got to really know what I want.”
“I’ve learned that even though I am not into nursing school still I am capable of doing so.”
“I learned what interests me.”
“Finding preferences. The power of understanding what one is capable of.”
“I learned something new.”
“I learnt a lot of new things.”
“What I have learned and gained.”
“That I found out…”
“I got to see my strong assets.”
“I like how I learned my strengths and weaknesses regarding the type of work I might be interested in.”
“I learned what really my interests are.”
“I learned more of what I’m interested in.”
“I got to see things I didn’t see before.”
“The knowledge he gives.”
“That I got to learn something.”
“Learning my skills and interest.”
“I can do more than what I expect.”
“Learning about my skills.”
“Learned new things.”
“I learned what I would be best at.”
“All the lessons and what I learned.”
“Found new ideas.”
“Learning about what skills I can apply in life.”
“I was learning something.”
“I learned many new things and skills that I didn’t know of.”
“I find out I am a risk taker”
“That I was able to find out how social I am with my work experiences in finding one later in the future.”
“I learned more about what I wanted in life”
“That I learned about a lot of things that I can use in the future.”

Category: Personal Validation/Confirmation

“I like how it helped me confirm my career plans.”
“I enjoyed to find out that the career I chose was the correct one for me.”
“I liked getting validation of my career choice. InnerSight also gave the many other choices that I would be interested in.”
“That I have validation of my career choice.”
“What I liked most about my experience was obtaining validation of my career choice and being able to now expand the vocabulary about myself on my resume.”
“I liked seeing confirmation of my career and seeing all the other options that fit me.”
“I liked most that I got reassurance of the career I want.”
“The experience reassured me about my goals and interests.”
“I was able to gain confirmation of my interests.”
“I have gained confidence in my field which is Law Enforcement.”
“That I know I am going to right path and I mit (might) do two majors.”
“That I’m going on the right path”
“It showed me that I’m following my interests”
“It helped me see what I am and gave ideas on what I want to do.”
“That it had my interests and things that I wanted to succeed in life.”
“Positive vibes, it got in touch with the inner me, and reassurance of my goal/path.”
“It confirmed what I want to do with my life.”
“Easy to understand and it confirmed some of the things I was doubting about myself.”
“It assured me that my career choice is right for me.”
” Getting reassured that I’m on the right pathJ”
“It reassured my personal traits.”
“It assures me of my strengths.”
“That it was really close to my career choices.”
“The experience cleared my doubts about future.”
“I know I am on the right path to my future.”
“It was sort of like a confirmation that I was on the right path towards my future career.”
“Learning and having things about myself validated.”
“We took time off to validate ourselves.”
“The InnerSight Experience was able to help me understand who I was”
“I liked the fact that I confirmed my dream career.”
“Learning and confirming what I was interested in.”
“That it not only confirmed my thoughts on what I wanted to do in life, but also opened my eyes up to a variety of different things.”
“It gave me confirmation about my future and how I’ve been always on the right track. ”
“That my results really did reflect what I want to do with my life.
“It reminded me that I am on the right track.”
“I feel a lot more comfortable making a career choice.”
“It opened my eyes to the deep desire I have in me. It gave me direction.”
“I got to learn that I’m definitely on the right path career wise. I feel more confident in my future.”
“It actually showed me what I’m interested in is really for me.”
“I see what fits me and that can help me succeed.”
“That it showed me that I am going down the right path to what I wanna [sic] be.”
“It reassured me of my career choice.”
“I like the most that it was reassuring info for my future.”

Category: The Information Provided

“I liked that it was descriptive and full [of] information and gave me a lot of clarity.”
“All the information I was able to obtain.”
” All the various information will help me, help my community, friends and family. The money I make will not only be for me, but will be donated to give back.”
“I like the in-depth information that it provided to one individual.”
“That I got a lot of important information. “
“The way the information was given to me.”
“I liked the useful information giver by the presenters, it was very helpful.”
“Hearing my theme codes and seeing my Strongg profile”
“The info.”
“I liked that it was very informational and I could learn a lot from this.”
“Full of information.”
“The amazing and helpful information given to me.”
“All the information”
“The information they provided”
“It was really informative.”
“It was very informative.”
“I liked that it was very interesting and informative.”
“The information provided.”
“Very informative and charismatic.”
“The information.”
“Information given to me.”
“I loved the information that was provided. It was helpful and made it more clear of what my interests are.”
“What I liked most was the information given to us.”
“The information I learned and presenter’s energy.”
“It gave good information.”
“I like that there was a lot (of) information”
“It was very informative and life learning.”
“It was very informative.”
“I like that it gave me information.”
“Gave good information on what I wanna do.”
“That it was very information.”
“It was very informative.”
“The information”
“The collected data/statistics.”
“I work great with people. I dislike risk taking.”

Category: The Booklet

“The guidance I received from the booklet.”
“The whole experience was very educational for me, especially the booklet.”
“The individual booklet.”
“I liked the booklet, it contains really useful information that can be used along our educational paths, job hunting, and to see our preferences and interests.”
“I enjoyed this InnerSight experience because the booklet was well based on me.”
“Love the personalized booklet. “
“That the book was very accurate and the environment was friendly.”
“The book gave me a physical reference to what I kinda had a feeling about.”
“Receiving my book.”
“The booklet.”
“Tha book”
“The book”
“I liked the informing book and the live class.”
” I loved how the booklet broke down what to do after you know what career path.”
“The whole experience was great. Great interactions and feedback. The booklet was fantastic as well.”
“How the booklet was very accurate.”
“Explanation and organization of the book!
“I liked the way my results were categorized and concise.”
“How the booklet had a lot to do with me.”
“Informative book.”
“What I liked most was that we received a booklet of ourselves for ourselves.”
“The booklets. How everything was overall accurate.”
“The take home booklet plus the emailed file.”
“I liked that we went through the whole book and discovered our choices.”
“I liked that they covered all of the importance of the book.”
“…and having it in a book so I can look back at it.”
“The booklet, I got the opportunity to learn more about myself and learn about new professions.”
“I like how the booklet provided options for me.”
” I liked how this book will help me with my decisions.”
“That the book knew exactly what I wanted.”
“The book was quite accurate.”
“The book that was given was extremely helpful.”
“Booklet was spot on.”
“I like the most about innersight was the book because it had the info that was so me.”
“The book…”
“The booklet made for me”

Category: Helpful

“Help a lot.”
“It showed me what I could become and do. It is very helpful.”
“Helped me figure out what activities were more like hobbies to me than career choices.”
“The information was helpful and sounded like me.”
“What I liked most about the experience is that they helped me out with what I needed to know.”
“I liked how it was very helpful and it helped me a lot.”
“It helps you realize what you are capable of”
“The Experience was very helpful.”
“The visual evidence was clear and very helpful.”
“They helped us learn more what we needed to learn.”
“The help and resources to help my career.”
“Very helpful”
“Eye opener.”
“Very helpful information.”
“Helped figure out more about me and careers.”
“That has helped”
“It was helpful.”
“It help me actually know what I want to do”
“Opened up my mind.”
“It opens up your mind more.”
“Very helpful”
“The InnerSight helped me understand my future goals and interests.”

Category: Personalization

“That it was all about me.”
“I like how it most was all about me.”
“Them caring about me and what I want to do in life.”
“Personal experience.”
“I like how it all felt very personal and helped many different people.”
“That it involved my interests and not just common jobs that everyone likes.”
“I like the way that it was designed just for me with all my interests.”
“It was easy to understand and personalized to meet my needs.”
“That it was mostly to be for ourselves.”
“I liked that they focused on everyone at the same time but also on everyone individually.”
“The individualized support.”
“That it really talks about me and encourages me to looking for what I like.”
“The things actually related to me.”
“It focused on ourselves.”
“That it showed me some of my strong points.”
“That it helps you to set up a goal for yourself.”
“I was amazed at how specific and detailed it was in respect to each person’s likes and dislikes.”
“I like that it broke down all my aspects to work and what are my strongsuits”
“The detail and personalization.”

Category: Presentation

“The presentation was well put together.”
“I enjoyed the informative presentation about our results of the inventory. ”
“The fact that it was a key to open a door.”
“I liked the presentation most.”
“The presentation”
“I love how the whole process is, from answering about 300 questions on that survey and then coming here to read about what that says about you is pretty awesome.”
“I definitely liked this experience because it gave me the guidance that I was looking for.”
“I enjoyed looking at my results and cutting them down”
“The presentation was excellent.”
“The information the presenter brought on screen.”
“I liked the comforting and accepting atmosphere created.”
“It was very detailed.”
“The vibe.”
“The presentation was fun and engaging.”
“I like the positive energy and the insight in business.”
“…the presentation”
“Narrowing down my choices”
“The entire presentation”

Category: Everything

“I liked everything.”
“I loved everything about this experience.”
“I enjoyed it all.”
“Everything!!! ”
“Everything, well the explanatory part of my strengths.”
“I liked everything.”

Category: Participation Aspect of the Experience

“The collaboration, and what I can do to reach my goals.”
“I was able to communicate and express myself.”
“The interaction and thorough explanations.”
“I liked that we all got an opportunity to express our thoughts.”
“I liked how I felt comfortable and safe to say whats on my mind”
“I enjoyed how everyone participated in the experience.”
“Everyone got to share their dreams and goals, good examples and narrow down our requirements.”
“I liked how we all got to express ourself in what we are.”
“The hands on experience.”
“It was fun to interact and ask questions and also to speak a little about myself.”
“That we shared our thoughts.”
“I liked that we talked about how it’s all up to me how we think.”
“We all got a chance to talk”

Category: Easy to Understand

“It was easy to follow.”
“What I like most about this experience was how easy it was to understand and how much information was provided.”
“Everything was straight forward and easy to understand.”
“That it was understandable”
“Understanding my interest and abilities clearly.”
“Very clear.”
“It was relatable and understanding.”
“How understandable it was.”
“It was understandable.”
“Everything was clear and organized despite the fact that we jumped around in the booklet.”
“I like most about the Experience that it was clear and was really about me!”
“I clearly understood the booklet and results.”
“Clear and to the point.”
“The way it was explained to me.”
“Easy to understand.”

Category: Specific Things the Participants Liked

“Small group.”
“My theme code.”
“The discussion”
“The paragraph”
“The markers.”
“The communication.”
“The cookies and juice.”
“I liked that it listed the skills I had.”
“It has statistics”
“Theme code.”
“The power point”
“The lesson”
“My results”

Category: Accurate Information

“I liked that some of the information was actually true.”
“The inventory results were very accurate, helped me learn more about my career and I’m 100% sure that physical therapy is what I want to do.”
“It was such an amazing experience. The results fit my personality.”
“Everything was spot on and was accurate.”
“I like that it was well organized and it was very accurate on my interests.”
“That the information given to me was very accurate.”
“The accuracy.”
“It was accurate”
“How it knew my likes and goals”
“I liked that the results were acurit [sic].”
“Everything was correct about me.”

Category: Options/Opportunities

“I like that it opens the window of opportunity.”
“I learned there are more options.”
“You really made sure to explain our options.”
“It also gave me a window to more opportunities.”
“The fact that they gave us options on what we really fell into. In the Holland map.”
“Learned that there are more opportunities then we think there are.”
“The information and the vast amount of opportunities for me.”
“It helps with my options.”
“More options I can choose from.”
“How I got more options.”

Category: Interview Skills

And what to say at an interview.”
“I think I’m more prepared to talk to employers.”
“I learned what to say in an interview and financial support.”
“Interview experience”
“Verbal skills.”
“That the guides helped prepare me for interviews.”

Category: Interests

“It’s great and really opens your interests in many ways.”
“I liked how I found out what interest me the most.”
“It showed me what I was interested in.”
“I liked how it completely spelled me all over from what I actually like and interests”
“I enjoyed the fact that we took time to explore our interests and think of our future.”
“It was fun and it showed me new interests that I have.”

Category: Participant Interaction

“Talking to other people in the room to (illegible) to get to know each other.”
“Got to meet new people.”
“Hearing others opinions”
“That I got to conversate with different people and that we all shared something about each other.”
“I liked the energy and outspoken people I met.”
“That we got to hear each others ideas.”

Category: Fun and Interactive

“It was interesting.”
“It was fun and not boring. I liked it.”
“It was really fun, I knew things I never heard about before!”
“It was entertaining and straight to the point.”

Category: Activities

“The activities”
“The fun activities and learning more to help each other.”



Question Two: What would you change about the experience?

Category: Nothing

“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about the program.”
“Everything was well done.”
“Nothing. It was all great.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.”
“Nothing. It was great.”
“I wouldn’t change anything, this is perfect.”
“Nothing. It was a good experience that showed me a lot.”
“Nothing. I learned a lot.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. It helped me so much.”
“Everything was good and should be kept as it is.”
“I would not change anything at all.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change much really. I love it all and like the fact that they had this [to] help us.”
“Everything was great.”
“I would change nothing.”
“I wouldn’t change anything because the future generation would not have had the same experience as I did.”
“Absolutely nothing. It was very informative and I learned a lot.”
“Nothing. It is great and useful how it is.”
“I would not change an thing.”
“I would not change anything.”
“Nothing, just more exciting people.”
“Nothing at all.”
“Nothing. Everything was pretty good.”
“Nothing so far, it was great.”
“Everything was good. I would make no change.”
“I wouldn’t change much, it was all straight forward.”
“I wouldn’t change a thing.”
“Nothing. It was really good.”
“I would not change a thing.”
“Not much.”
“Nothing. Everything was clear and helpful.”
“I cannot think of anything, actually.”
“Nothing. They really did their job.”
“Nothing at all.”
“I wouldn’t change anything because everything was helpful.”
“NOTHING. It was great.”
“No, I would not.”
Nothing it was insanely cool!”
“Nothing at all, it was a great experience.”
“Nothing really, it was fine.”
“Nothing about the presentation.”
“I would not change anything.”
“Nothing, it was good.”
“Nothing, everything was what I expected.”
“Nothing, I like it as it is.”
“I would not change a thing, it was straight forward.”
“I wouldn’t change anything, it was straight forward.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about the experience presentation itself. It was wonderful.”
“Nothing, it was great, good vibes overall good information.”
“Nothing, it was nice learning about some careers.”
“I don’t believe I change anything. Experience was great.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing. It was great!”
“Absolutely nothing. It was very helpful.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. Everything was intriguing.”
“Nothing. It was fun and very smoothy.”
“Probably nothing.”
“Nothing ”
“Nothing at all. It’s perfect”
“Not sure”
“I wouldn’t change anything it was a great experience.”
“Nothing really.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing, I really appreciate the InnerSight.”
“Nothing, it was amazing.”
“Nothing because I already had an idea of what I want to be.”
“I wouldn’t change a thing from what I’ve learned.”
“I wouldn’t change anything”
“I would change nothing.”
“I would not change anything.”
“Nothing. Everything about this is great.”
“Nothing really.”
“N/A. On point.”
“I loved it! :)”
“I would not change anything.”
“I don’t think I’d change anything.”
“Nothing. It was really good.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. It was great!:-)”
“I wouldn’t change a thing. Very acknowledge today.”
“I would change nothing.”
“Everything was good.”
“Nothing. I personally think they should have this in school for the seniors to have a better idea.”
“I wouldn’t change anything because I felt that the presenters were very helpful and great.”
“There is nothing to change.”
“Nothing at all.”
“Everything was great and understandable.”
“I wouldn’t change anything, I liked it the way it was.”
“Nothing, everything was helpful.”
“Nothing. I enjoyed the presentation.”
“Nothing, everything was good.”
“No, the experience was very helpful.”
“Nothing much.”
“Overall good. Would not change much.”
“Nothing, it was better than the first one.”
“I would not change anything. It was great.”
“Nothing, it was great!”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing that I have in mind.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing much.”
“Nothing. Everything was OK.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing. I loved the experience a lot.”
Nothing. I enjoyed it.”
“Not much. Everything was understanding.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing at all.”
“Nothing, it was spot on.”
“I’m not sure.”
“Nothing really, it was very complete in every aspect.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing, it was perfect.”
“Nothing needed change.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about it. It was very informed and they asked all my questions.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing. It was great!”
“I would not change anything.”
“Everything was good.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. Everything was helpful.”
“Nothing, maybe the time it took.”
“Nothing really”
“I liked the experience.”
“Nothing, everything seemed understandable.”
“It was great! Nothing at all!”
“Nothing, it was great.”
“Nothing, it’s good as it is.”
“I don’t think I would want to change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing, it was great.”
“Nothing, it was really good.”
“Nothing. It was very good experience.”
“I would change nothing about the experience.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing. Stay the same!!”
“I would change nothing.”
“Nothing really.”
“I wouldn’t want to change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I would not have changed a thing.”
“Nothing. It was good.”
“Nothing really.”
“Nothing. The sandwiches were tasty. Info was relevant awesome.”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“The presentation couldn’t have been presented any better.”
“I wouldn’t change anything at all.”
“Nothing at all.”
“I would not change anything.”
“Nothing, everything was good.”
“Everything was really good.”
“Nothing, everything was great.”
“Everything went good, explained when needed help.”
“Nothing, the experience was good.”
“It was amazing.”
“Nothing, everything was great!”
“Nothing at all!”
“I have nothing to change.”
“Nothing the experience was great.”
“I don’t see anything I would change about the Experience.”
“I won’t change anything about the experience. I like everything.”
“Nothing. It was perfect.”
“Nothing because it taught me basically everything.”
“No changes need to be made.”
“Nothing, it was a great experience.”
“Nothing because it was great.”
“I wouldn’t change much. It was very pleasant.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about the experience because it was a great experience and time spent in the workshop was worth it.”
“Nothing. I enjoyed my experience with InnerSight.”
“Nothing because it gave me valuable information for the future.”
“Nothing, it was fine just the way it was.”
“Absolutely nothing”
“Nothing, it’s really helpful.”
“Everything was fine.”
“Everything was great.”
“Nothing, because it’s good.”
“Leave ‘as is’. Perfect.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about it. I liked everything about it.”
“Nothing at all. I actually enjoyed it.”
“Nothing at all.”
“Nothing, great experience.”
“Nothing, it was great.”
“Nothing at all.”
“Nothing, it was great.”
“I honestly wouldn’t change anything, I found it really helpful.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I don’t think I would change the experience.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I honestly wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing at all. It was awesome.”
“Nothing really”
“I wouldn’t change anything about this experience.”
“Nothing at all, maybe an office area or a fieldtrip.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I think I wouldn’t change anything, it worked out great.”
“I would not change nothing from the experience I learned.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Not a darn thing.”
“Nothing at all it was great.”
“Nothing, it was chill.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. It was great.”
“Nothing at all. It was time well spent. I gained more knowledge than I had yesterday”
“Nothing, everything was perfect.”
“There is nothing to change. It was good and understandable.”
“I wouldn’t change anything because the time was good.”
“Nothing, it was a very exciting learning experience.”
“Nothing, very accurate.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about it.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing. It was a good recommendation to student or family.”
“I wouldn’t like to change anything, it was excellent.”
“I wouldn’t change nothing. It was a nice experience. I learned more about myself and the jobs that are out there.”
“I wouldn’t change anything everything’s perfect.”
“Nothing at all, I’m happy about this experience.”
“I would change nothing.”
“Nothing, it was all really good.”
“Not much anything [sic].”
“Nothing at all.”
“I would change nothing, it was pretty [good].”
“Nothing really.”
“I wouldn’t change a thing.”
“Nothing, it is okay.”
“Nothing at all.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“Nothing. Pretty much everything was striahgt forward.”
“Nothing at all.”
“Nothing! It was perfect.”
“Nothing. It was great.”
“Nothing. Everything was perfect.”
“Nothing. It was a really excellent experience.”
“Nothing. It was an awesome experience.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. It was nice.”
“Nothing, because everything was perfect.”
“Nothing it was awesome.”
“Honestly nothing.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.”
“Nothing, it was good.”
“Nothing, talk if the same choices we make are going to be around in the next 10 years.”
“I wouldn’t change anything.”

Category: Time

“I would change the time. It was a long presentation.”
“The duration.”
“It was to early, that’s it.”
“How long it takes to overview the book.”
“To be a little more time.”
“Be shorter.”
“Shorter time”
“More brief.”
“The fact it was long”
“I would try to shorten the time.”
“The length.”
“The timing”
“If it was shorter.”
“Make it a bit shorter than 3 hours.”
“The time.”
“Turn it into a 2-day class.”
“I would make it longer and available to students in high school grades 9 – 11. It’s very helpful to know your interests before applying to colleges.”
“Better timing.”
“A little shorter time”
“Less time.”
“Less time consuming”
“I would shorten it by half an hour.”
“the length of the Experience.”
“Making it a little shorter, but not losing the clarity.”
“Time. LOL”
“Nothing. It was good. Maybe less hours. But good”
“The timing”
“I would change the time, 3pm felt a little late for me.”
“It was long.”
“It was way too long.”
“Nothing. Timing.”
“The length”
“More people, maybe less time if possible.”
“Try to make it shorter.”
“The time period is too long.”
“The hours”
“How long the class was”
“The length.”

Category: The Presentation

“Power Point accessibility.” (This young woman wanted an electronic version of the Power Point presentation)
“Making the experience more individual in order to make it clearer.”
“Less highlighting and more energy in the room.”
“The amount of flipping back and forth between pages.”
“There was experienced people who was able to answer all my questions without me asking.”
“An update”
“Presentation. PowerPoint is vague.”
“Make it 1 on 1, but that would make it way too costly and time consuming.”
“Less words on PPT”
“The blury power point.”
“Have a bigger screen.”
“Maybe that the speakers wouldn’t give us their backs, but maybe we just had bad seats.”
“Be presented before applying to college.”
“Ask us if we had any more questions before dismissing us.”
“I think the Power Point was too dull. It’s true that it only something to help guide the people but the presenters over power it and seems like it’s not really needed.”
“More discussions about outside resources e.g. ONet”
“Letting us highlight the way we want to”
“It would be awesome if we could have a one-on-one meeting.”
“More talk”
“The extra questions that weren’t needed taking up time.”

Category: My Personal Thinking

“I would recommend my friends at UCLA and bring them to the program.”
“I would have loved to more about InnerSight. I felt I came in blindly and would have never expected this to truly help.”
“I would like to change that I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I did.”
“I would change my attitude about the experience.”
“Everything I didn’t know”
“How I answered the survey.”
“My leadership.”
“I would change the way I answered my questions.”
“The only thing I would change would be to try and participate more.”
“Looking information occupations that is similar to what I like.”
“Not being tired like I am.”
“The only thing that I would change is my major.”
“I would focus now on who I am.”
“Talk about ourselves more personally.”
“I would change the way of think”
“My sleeping schedule.”
“I should have taken the survey more serious and spent more time on it.”
“Have more opinion.”

Category: Experience Environment

“The seats.”
“The room, it was small and it was cold.”
“I would change the room temperature, it was a little cold.”
“The smell of the room.”
“I wish it was less quiet.”
“The temperature.”
“I would change next time wearing a sweater.”
“Honestly the only thing I would change is the room temperature because it was a little cold.”
“Change the temperature a bit.”
“The seating.”
“I would have loved if there was one big table so we can all see and hear each other clearly.”
“Maybe next time people could come on time, but overall it was great.”
“Turn the AC on.”
“The location”
“The lights.”
“Cushioned chairs. ”
“The A.C. lol”

Category: Game or Interaction

“The only thing I would change is to play a game that would also connect to the three letters.”
“Ice breaker / Interactive.”
“I would like to be more hands on”
“More hands on work.”
“I wish more people could come and take advantage of this opportunity.”
“I would like more engaging activities.”
“More interactive.”
“I would like more hands on activity.”
“More activities with people that might have the same things in common.”
“Maybe more activities; involve or incorporate some physical or active interactions.”
“Maybe a little more activities.”
“More interactiveness with the other students.”
“More interaction.”
“Add more student activities.”

Category: Food

“Light snack”
“Need some food, long day.”
“It could provide snacks.”
“Add some snacks.”
“More snacks and beverages next time.”
“Free food.”
“More exciting and with food, relaxing.”
“Add snacks, I’m hungry.”
“I would like more snacks.”
“I would eat before coming. I was hungry.”

Category: Other

“It didn’t offer to [unintelligible] for what I was looking for.”
“Make better [unintelligible].”
“Getting involved in Explore Programs.” (?)
“Get on with my future career.”
“More books.”
“I wouldn’t ever experience.”
“I decided to continue my career path”
“Try to get some experience.”
“More education in college”

Category: More Information

“More info but current is sufficient”
“Go even more in depth, with like education-wise.”
“Learning other jobs”
” Detailed explanations for each person’s response.”
“I would like to learn more about my career.”
“Learn more on getting people more help.”
“A few more options at the end of the book.”

Category: More People

“Have more people attend.”
“Have others in the group who are more outspoken.”
“More people.”
“Add a few more people at a time.”
“Have more people coming in.”
“Maybe more young adults participate more.”

Category: Boring

“More interaction, just sitting down was kind of boring.”
“Make it a little more exciting because this was an interesting experience.”
“Make it more interesting.”
“I would add more excitement.”’

Category: Inventory & Results

“What I would change is maybe the answers I gave to some questions.”
“Have the results match more.”
“I would want to take the quiz again and strongly agree on more topics.”
“My results”

Category: Break

“That we could get two breaks.”
“Larger break.”

Category: Everything




Question Three: What additional comments do you have?

Category: The Experience

“Had a great time”
“This was a great experience.”
“I loved the experience.”
“Love it (heart)”
“InnerSight is such a great program and is valuable to anyone who takes it.”
“I do think it is an awesome experience, the energy was great, the booklet is very helpful and very useful.”
“Keep up the good work.”
“InnerSight is great. It shows you your likes and dislikes. Also it shows jobs that you can potentially have in the future.”
“I loved it.”
“Extremely happy about InnerSight and the way it makes me feel about understanding myself.”
“Over all good experience.”
“Very helpful to young adults.”
It was legendary”
“The InnerSight is a good way to let people know who they really are. InnerSight has helped me reveal myself. Thank you InnerSight.”
“That it was a great innersight and it was a good workshop.”
“I enjoyed and very helpful work scores.”
“It was fun!”
“I appreciate the time invested into us through InnerSight.”
“Love is All.”
“Keep doing good!”
“Excellent job”
“Innersight is the best program”
“It was cool!”
“I enjoyed my time learning something new ”
“This class was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.”
“I’m glad I joined this class. It has opened my eyes to other career paths.”
“Great job”
“This was cool.”
“This was a long experience, but it was worth it.”
“I enjoyed this experience.”
“Good job and thanks”
“Great Job!!!”
“That it was great!”
“This was a great experience”
“This program is innovative.”
“The session was awesome.”
“It was a new experience and I learned sufficiently about myself.”
“Keep doing what you’re doing.”
“I love it!”
“Good stuff”
“Great learning experience if you grasp the concept.”
“I thought it was a great eye-opening experience.”
“Very well job, great program.”
“Job well done. I would love to get more help by InnerSight.”
“Amazing program.”
“I enjoyed it and learned a lot about myself.”
“I am very grateful for the opportunity Bill gave us to come out and share this amazing program.”
“Very good program.”
“I am very pleased with this eye opening experience.”
“The was cool.”
“I really enjoyed being here.”
“Not much, it was great.”
“It was overall great, but [I] didn’t need as much help with my life, but great program.”
“I enjoyed that I learned more than I needed.”
“Keep up the good work!”
“Very positive experience.”
“It was a great experience.”
“It was a great lesson.”
“It was a great experience that I’ll never forget & will certainly impact my future.”
“Keep on sharing this experience.”
“I had a great experience! :-)”
“I liked learning something new.”
“It was fun.”
“It was great.”
“I enjoyed my experience here.”
“Very good, allowed for insight into ourselves and to unlock our hidden talents and potential.”
“Loved the experience.”
“I enjoyed the experience.”
“It was excellent.”
“It was a great experience”
“Great job”
“It was great.”
“I just really like this meeting.”
“Keep up the good work!”
“They helped me learn a little more about myself.”
“This was a great experience and I have learned much more about myself.”
“I love it.”
“It was a great experience.”
“Overall good.”
“None. It was overall a great experience.”
“Everything was great.”
“On point.”
“Great experience.”
“Very kind, helping folks. Thank you for the session!”
“I love Innersight.”
“That this is a good program.”
“Excellent work!!”
“I enjoyed this experience, I would like to redo InnerSight.”
“Great program!”
“I recommend the InnerSight experience for all types of ages, it will open your thoughts.”
“Great experience.”
“Everything as great. I really enjoy doing this.”
“Enjoyed the overall experience”
“Great session well done”
“Everything was great”
“Great organization! ”
“Overall great job.”
“Good program, helped out! ”
“I loved the experience.”
“Great program for people who are unsure about what they want to do.”
“Keep helping people find their way.”
“It was a great workshop and very educational.”
“Keep up the work”
“Great job!”
“Glad I came to the innersight program.”
“I enjoyed it very much.”
“Great workshop.”
“I liked this experience.”
“I learned a lot in one experience.”
“Good experienced class.”
“Perfect. Highly recommend.”
“It was a great 3 hour learning.”
“Such a great program.”
“They were awesome!”
“Was a great program. Both informing and entertaining. The staff was incredibly friendly.”
“Great experience.”
“Found out a lot about what I would like to do in the future.”
“It was really cool and it was a good class.”
“The experience (InnerSight) is a great program.”
“It’s a good program.”
“It was a great way learning and doing this class.”
” I learn something today.”
“I loved it.”
“I like this.”
“I loved this experience!”
“Overall 1-5 4.5”
“I learned more about myself.”
“Good job”
“It was a good experience.”
“Amazing job done.”
“Great work!”
“It was cool.”
“It was amazing.”
“It was great.”
“This program is a great opportunity for future preparations.”

Category: Thank You

“Thank you for your time.”
“I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.”
“Thank you very much for the class.”
“Thanks for everything Instructor!”
“Thanks for the experience.”
“Thank you for allowing us to have this learning experience.”
“Thank you for the opportunity.”
“Thank you for the info and presentation.”
“You guys are awesome, thank you!”
“Thank you for this wonderful experience!”
“Thank you for a wonderful Saturday morning  It was worth it.”
“Thank you for all the help.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you for youre time.”
“Just a thank you! I really appreciate you all taking the time to guide others in important aspects of life.”
“Thank you for your work!:-)”
“Thank you InnerSight for coming to guide us.”
“Keep up the good work. Thank you for your time.”
“Thanks for everything.”
“Thank you!:-)”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you.”
“Thanks for the experience.”
“Had an awesome time. Thank you!”
“Thank you for the presentation. ”
“Thank you for letting me take this opportunity.”
“Thanks for having me today! ”
“Thanks for the information”.
“Wonderful people enjoy my time with you guys. Thank you.”
“Thanks for coming out, these kids need this, don’t stop!”
“I’d like to thank this workshop for being here because without it I’d be lost.”
“Thank you for helping me out.”
“Thank you for your time. God bless.”
“It was great. Thank you!”
“Thank you for your time. I will use the experience in my future endeavors.”
“You both did great, thank you for the time you’ve spent here.”
“Thank you! This really did help me.”
“Thank you”
“Thank you”
“Thank you for coming.”
“Thanks for the lesson and knowledge.”
“None. Thank you.”
“Have a nice wonderful day. I think and believe I’m on the right track.”
“Thank you for this valuable knowlegde.”
“I learned a lot today, THANK YOU.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you!”
“I appreciate you both for taking time to come out.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you!!!”

Category: The Presenters

“The guide was great at explaining his answers when we had questions or concerns.”
“I liked that we had an instructor that made us kind of work hands on.”
“The presenter and speaker was excellent.”
“The instructor was very kind and easy to follow through the session.”
“The two presenters were very funny and nice!”
“The presenters were charismatic and charming.”
“Gary and Wendy make a great team.”
“The director [guide] was very organized, clear and concise.”
“The presenters were always helping and create a trustworthy environment.”
“The woman presenter was very joyful and positive.”
“I like how entertaining you guy(s) are.”
“You guys were awesome!”
“Wendy had a great personality and made us feel comfortable.”
Wendy & Gary were awesome!!!”
“The staff were very friendly.”
“The guidance counselors did really well.”
“I like how friendly everyone was and how they encouraged us all to participate.”
“I enjoyed it more than I thought. Bill was a good presenter.”
“He is chill and it was good.”
“You were a great speaker and very very funny :)”
“Excellent mentors.”
“I liked both of the speakers, they were so nice!”
“Good presenter.”
“Great job to the presenter not boring”
“Great job guys!:-)”
“The guides were great and really clear! Everything was just perfect.”
“Very kind presenters!”
“Great instruction, time went by fast.”
“Despite shortcoming, the proctor was accommodating.”
“I appreciate what Wendy and Gary are doing; they’re very helpful and make a positive impact on the youth.”
“Very nice people. They made me feel comfortable.”
“Respectful presenter.”
“You guys were great presenters and thank you!(heart)”
“Wendy and Gary were very helpful!”
“The instructor is awesome!! Interesting class.”
“The guides were very informative and kept my attention. Connected life situations with the guide.”
“He was a great help.”
“He’s great, thanks for the opportunity.”
“The instructor was straight on point with what he said.”
“Teacher did fabulous”
“Good job. You’re funny ”
“I hope Gary and Wendy help others like me find who they are.”
“He did a good job, easy to understand.”
“I enjoyed the guides.”
“Great teachers awesome lesson”
“InnerSight was very helpful, so was the instructor.”
“I thought Kenyatta was very good at communicating.”

Category: Useful or Helpful

“Very helpful.”
“This experience was very helpful for me. ”
“InnerSight is very helpful.”
” I enjoyed the vast variety of job choices.”
“Great way to learn about other careers that are out there.”
“Very helpful.”
“I enjoyed the opportunity to explore my career options and possible college majors I should consider.”
“I really enjoyed it and it gave me good information.”
“I really enjoyed it because there is a lot of information in the book that will be useful to me.”
“I’m looking forward to sharing what I learned today with my parents who are very interested in my occupations.”
“I found this helpful.”
“Wonderful experience to learn who I am and what job fields will help me be successful.”
“When I first did the quiz I wasn’t really passionate. I wish I knew what would have been the results of me doing InnerSight.”
“What I liked is that it wasn’t just a hand-out or booklet. It was our information, what we enjoy and like. I liked that part.”
“This was an amazing help.”
“The InnerSight Experience was so much help on my life decisions.”
“It opened my eyes to a lot of different job opportunities.”
“Good information and I enjoyed it.”
“Innersight is very helpful.”
“This experience was very helpful.”
“This presentation is very helpful and I would recommend it to everyone.”
“I love how insightful everything was.”
“It was extremely helpful and full of positive vibes.”
“Good information I learned”
“That the information I gain from this experience was very valuable.”
“It was very helpful.”
“Update me with any other information.”
“I like how it helped give me ideas about the things in my future I didn’t have in mind.”
“This session was helpful to me and it did help me reconsider my major and think about how I would use my major to help others.”
“InnerSight actually helps you with planning your future.”
“I really enjoyed it and helped very much”
“It was good information, I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”
“This experience was great and helpful. Now, I have a better sense of what person I am.”
“This was very helpful”
“I liked that it told me what level of degree I would need for each occupation.”
“I’m glad I got to find out what I’m more interested in.”
“It was very helpful and it was something that I learn.”
“It was very informative.”
“I am looing forward to learning more.”
“Very helpful info!!”

Category: The Presentation

“Maybe a video of the people that have had InnerSight help them and they can give feedback, suggestions and comments to the new InnerSight people.”
“The experience evaluation is something I would recommend to someone who is having a difficult time deciding on what they want to do their life.”
“All my questions were answered and I was confortable all the time.”
“I would suggest to say that the session is 2 hours long instead of 3 it’s more appealing that way.”
“The presentation was nice and overall, I had a nice time.”
“Ask more questions to the clients, make them volunteer, have them come out of their shell to have a more active session.”
“It was an excellent presentation”
“Great presentations”
“Good presentation”
“More brief. 3 hours is a long time”
“InnerSight is a great way to find out more on your career, find more options and know yourself more.”
“My additional comment is that it was entertaining to be part of a professional way to conduct a workshop.”
“Talk about each of our job options.”
“The preference presentation is amazing and unique.”
“Loved the pizza, helpful presentation.”
“The presentation was very helpful.”
“The best presentation in this long period of time.”
“The presentation was good.”
“Overall it was a great presentation.”
“It was a smooth and steady presentation.”

Category: No Additional Comments

“Overall good. Nothing bad to say.”
“Nope. Thank you.”
“I do not have any.”
“None. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.”
“Zip. Zero. Nada.
“No comments.”
“Don’t have any”
“I have no additional comments.”
“None, A+ all around.”
“No Questions”
“None. It was good.”
“None I loved everything.”
“I don’t at the moment.”
“Nothing, thank you for the InnerSight experience.”
“No comments”

Category: Recommend to Others

“InnerSight is a great experience I would highly recommend it for incoming college students to a idea on what career to choose.”
“Great experience, need to expose this to more youth/individuals.”
“They should have this more at schools and public work sites to help people with their career choices. Bill was great!”
“Reach out to high schools.”
“I strongly recommend this to anyone because it’s a nice experience and you learn new things about yourself.”
“Keep doing this, to help others like me choose their career ”
“This session should be taken by everyone, especially high school seniors.”
“Maybe offering this at high schools and universities.”
“I would recommend this class to lots of people.”
“It was great. I recommend it to many schools.”
“I wish to inform more people about this.”

Category: Other Observations

“I enjoyed this class and I need to study myself more.”
“This ish is buck.”
“I would like to do this again so I don’t get nervous.”
“If anything info. on just a random topic.”
“I’m perfect”
“What else can I do”
“For a first time that I came to innersight meeting it was really great to hear from you guys.”
“The didn’t have construction.”

Category: My Future

“I really like how InnerSight helps people in finding their majors or jobs for the future.”
“It’s amazing how a little test can determine your future.”
“Well that this InnerSight is perfect because you find more openings to your future.”
“I really appreciate InnerSight for helping me realize my future careers.”
“Through InnerSight I was able to see what kind of future I could have.”
“This is a great way to make people aware of what they could do in the future.”

Category: Environment

“Room temp was kind of low.”
“The room was kinda cold.”

Category: Food

“Better snacks.”
“Ditto” (more snacks and beverages next time)