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Be a Better Guide for your Child’s Academic Career

classroomParents who have a deeper understanding of their child’s preferences and interests are more effective guides who are more likely to encourage their children in the pursuit of their academic passions.

Students who possess a concise portrait of their preferences and inclinations will be able to provide educators with valuable input about their preferred courses, majors, internship opportunities and a myriad of other critical educational decisions. This awareness helps students tap into their special gifts and interests, opening the door to personal, social and academic success.

“It was very helpful to me in deciding what to go to school for.”
Lauren Simmons

Benefits of the InnerSight experience for education:

  • Reduction of unnecessary changes in major that often lead to increases in educational costs
  • Greater clarity of student’s career and life path choices with a best fit major
  • Common understanding, shared goals, and aligned expectations among students, parents, and educators
  • A passion for self-directed education and self-fulfillment
  • Increase the opportunity for timely degree completion

Be an Effective Guide in Your Childs Journey with InnerSight