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Learn Who You Are Before Spending The Big Bucks

At $200 per participant in the Public, Hosted and Community Experience sessions InnerSight is competitively priced.  Less than the cost of the average college textbook.  This incudes the inventory, a personal 29 page InSight Guide Booklet with your results, an electronic copy of your Booklet that you receive after the session for exploring your most preferred occupations and  the three hour interpretive experience in which you must participate to receive your results and Booklet.

Think about it.  Many of you take preparation courses for the SAT or ACT exams that range from $299 to $1099  depending on the preparation you choose and much of this you  do on your own.  You  then spend $ 52.50 to take the Sat or  $54.50  to take the ACT and somewhere between $25 and $75  per college application just to apply and you still do not know what you might want as a major.  What you choose as a major is the most costly decision you can make on your journey.  A sound choice can help you avoid the college debt crisis.

Jennifer Moses in a 2011 Wall Street Journal Article reports the following for the cost of just travel to visit college  “Total cost of travel, including air fare, car fare, gas, hotels, food and incidentals, for both twins accompanied by one parent each: $3,998.23.  All of this just to select a college with no clarification of what to major to choose.

At  just .01 % of the average cost of attendance at a public school for a year in 2014 and  .005% of the cost of attendance at a private school, InnerSight is a value that can easily save you time and money while addressing the most costly question you  have to answer.  What is your Major?

The private consultation while  more costly at $500 per individual is still a smaller investment than touring and applying to colleges.

InnerSight partners with businesses and organizations that desire to have effective program’s that truly put the person in the process.  For these clients we offer InSight Guide booklets customized for your program, support for managing sessions across your organization, training for personnel that use the InnerSight material with your employees or clients.

If you would like an InnerSight Experience in your area or for your organization contact InnerSight via email Contact Us.  A personal InnerSight Guide will contact you to facilitate your journey.

Learn Who You Are and Save the Bucks