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10 Things You Won’t Learn on Your College Tour


1. 80% of college-bound students have not picked a major when they are selecting a school.  Dr. Fritz Grupe


2.  50% of those who declare a major change it once and many change two or three times.


3.  Six years after starting college 40% have not completed a degree program.



4. Try asking for the total cost to receive your degree on your college tour.
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5. In 2013, the average price for one year of attendance  at public universities was $18,391 and at private universities it was $40,917. Based on the price for one year of  attendance,  a degree completed in four years costs an average of $73,564 at public universities and $163,668 at private universities.



6.  Some public universities charge prices well above average, even for in-state students.  At the University of Virginia the first-year cost of attendance in 2014 is $27,208 for an in-state student, for a projected four-year degree cost of $108,832.  At the University of Southern California, the first-year cost in 2013 was $68,865 for a projected four-year degree cost of $275,460



7. The total sticker price to receive your degree is  likely to  increase three times if you graduate in four years and five times if you graduate in six.



8. The average student loan debt upon graduation in 2014 was $33,000. 



9.  Avoid the college debt crisis. Unlike credit card debt, your car loan or home mortgage you always have to repay your student loan— even if you file bankruptcy.


10. A change in major is likely to add one or more years to your education and an additional average price increase of between  $18,391 to $ 40,917 based on the average cost of attendance for 2014.

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