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Are You Trapped in Transition?

Life is a journey and that means personal transition. Transitions are a natural part of life until you are trapped or paralyzed by what to do next.

You may not realize the feeling you experience is really all about transition. You can easily find yourself facing some of the following transitions:

  • High School to College
  • College to Work
  • Job to Job
  • Hired to fired
  • Fired to hired
  • Laid off to Limbo
  • Single to Married
  • Married to Single
  • Young to Old
  • Average Weight to Overweight
  • Healthy to Sick
  • Work to retirement
  • Doing what you want to doing what someone else wants or needs you to do.
  • From happiness to dreary

When in transition we feel unexpected loss as we end one experience and move to a new one even if it is a life change, exciting new opportunity or a promotion. InnerSight puts you in touch with the part of you that is constant in every situation, your personal preferences and interests. When you have this powerful understanding you can chart a course through transition to those important next steps that will align with who you are and what you most prefer.

Transitions involve decisions or choices you must make. Sometimes you can only respond to choices others have made for you. You must always decide what is best for YOU!. Remember, you are the one and single constant in every choice you make.

When what you do is in alignment with who you are……
Satisfaction, Superior Performance and Happiness Occur!


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