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Don’t Go To College to Learn Who You Are

That could be an expensive choice. The most expensive choice is not the college you choose—it’s the number of times you change your major.

Few parents or students pay very much attention to this important and potentially costly decision, and they pay for it later. Data shows that a single change in Major can range from $13,000 to $60,000 and add one or more years to completion. If you are a good credit risk, creditors will gladly add this on your loan, plus interest, that you can pay upon graduation.

Penn State Researchers have found that 80% of students entering college admit they are not certain what they want to major in, even if they have declared one. The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that 50% of college students change their major at least once before graduation and some change several times. Just ask anyone who has graduated from college, no matter what age, if they changed their major and see what they say. “Do you know what you want to learn? Do you know what you want to major in? Really?”

Young people need to learn how to navigate their future and they need to have a game plan if they are going to get to a better place.  Nobody gets to a better place without a plan.”  Robert Gutierrez  AYE

Don’t be trapped on the Major Transition Merry-Go-Round. Find out who you are and what people like you prefer to major in before making that costly college choice.  This can help you avoid the college debt crisis.

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Learn Who You Are and Make a Plan