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WIOA Leaders Say InnerSight Helps Meet Federal Mandates and Achieve Results

Effective program leaders are constantly seeking better results and return on their investment.  Debra Giordano an experienced program leader discusses her focus and expectations.

The InnerSight Experience helps programs comply with Federal Law and WIOA Regulations while facilitating program monitoring.

Executive Directors find the InnerSight Experience helps tie training to the clients passion which increases client persistence as well as program performance.  Ann Angermeir notes that it is as important to know what you don’t want to do as it is to know what you do want to do.  She shares how the InnerSight Program has helped meet her goals.

A critical performance criteria is the accuracy of the results. This is vital in making life choices. Dana Wood a program monitor talks about the accuracy of the inventory.

Enhance Program Results With InnerSight