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“InnerSight Connects!” Says Cayla Radford, Summer Youth.

1250650077_radford_summer_youth_program_2009“InnerSight. To have the ability to look inside yourself. It’s not just some clever name given to this program. Once you start your InnerSight journey, you’ll see. There is a lot more to you than meets the eyes.”
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InnerSight isn’t your normal career assessment test. They take the time to carefully review your results, and put them together for you. InnerSight explains everything, in easy ways. They teach you about yourself. It almost seems that InnerSight knows more about you, than you do. Who are you? Most people would say, “I’m nice,” or “I’m caring.” InnerSight has gifted me with the vocabulary to tell people about myself. Can you? Well, do you want to?

I walked into my seminar, prepared to sit for two hours and be bored. I thought I might think about my upcoming job or something other than the class. Amazingly the time flew by. The people who explain your results to you talk to you like everyone’s on the same level as everyone else. No snobby attitudes. They give you a booklet, (yes, I know, a complete booklet just about you, how cool?) that has all these graphs, but these aren’t normal graphs, they are your graphs, because they’re about you. In the short little time of that seminar, I changed my future. It didn’t change my future. It gave me the gift of knowing myself, so I could change the future.

We discussed our preferences, by doing a little excersize. Amazingly you learn really fast that your preferences are born with you, and they have been hidden all along. You discuss your likes and dislikes. Most of the time people will ask you what you would like to do, but not what you wouldn’t like to do. It is just as important to know your likes, as well as your dislikes (spoken from the mouth of my guide for InnerSight). They help you realize that you may want to do something, but you need to be prepared to do it. You can want to be a quarter back, but are you prepared to run the five hundred laps and do the training to get there?

It’s actually really hard to sit here, and write about everything that I learned from my InnerSight Guides. I had fun and I am now more prepared to make choices about my future. They taught me so much, I’m eternally grateful. They never once said this is the career for you. They never said you have to do this. Because you don’t. They let you open up that door that enables you to tell yourself what is right and what is wrong for you. So to sit and write about everything that changed in my life, because of InnerSight, is almost impossible. InnerSight will keep influencing my life through every choice I make.

I know who I am. I’m Cayla. I can lead, and know when I shouldn’t. I’m creative and I’m organized. I love learning from letures and books, but also enjoy hands on learning. I think alot before I make decisions. I like to do my own work, and then contribute to a group. I planned on going to a simple college, to get an okay degree in something I like. Now I’m so confident about myself, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get where I truly want to go. So, do you really know yourself?

Cayla Radford, wrote this first person description of her experience as a participant in the Spartanburg, South Carolina Summer Youth Program, sponored by Upstate Workforce Investment Board.

Career Source Puts the Person in the Process

career_source_logoCareer Source Director Debra Giordano says “this is a paradigm shifting experience for our customers that helps them focus on job opportunities and training that is a best fit for them and offers them the greatest potential for success.”  Career Source used the InnerSight Experience to put the person in the process of job exploration.

Career Source Staff selected the InnerSight experience to assist customers in pursuing employment and training opportunities that  align with their occupational preferences and interests. Research shows that people who pursue training, education, and employment that fits their interests are more satisfied in their career, less likely to change jobs and most likely to become extraordinary performers.

“Too bad they don’t do this in school,” says High School Senior

picresized_1222836783_20080611_0005Will Chase a participant in the First Presbyterian Experience says, “Too bad they don’t do this in school. The InnerSight Experience™ really helps you focus on your educational and career options.”
Chase goes on to note, “it is fun to learn about your self! A lot of my friends think they know what they want to do but I doubt they know if it matches their interests —this was really fun.” The experience uncovered Will’s desire to work outdoors and own his own business. Based on this, Will is now considering an educational path and career that will help him realize his interests in landscape design and management.