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Do Participants Recommend the Experience to Others?

Yes!  InnerSight participants often comment that they should have had the Experience earlier or they know someone who needs it right now.  In fact, our participants make the strongest recommendations for InnerSight to their family and friends.

I would recommend that everyone that is thinking about school and future careers try something like this to make sure it’s what they want to do.” Crystal Moss

I advise any and everyone to go through with this program.” Crystal Walker

I’m glad I came and I recommend this to every one of all ages.” Cayla Radford

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Very interesting, helpful. Thank you for this opportunity and experience. All high school students should be required to go through this session.” Natalya Suprunchik

This is a nice and fun program and I’ll refer it to people and the schools.” Tevin Booker

I enjoyed this experience and would recommend this to everyone.” Jaymyne McDowell

I would recommend InnerSight to everyone” Spartanburg Participant

This experience helped me a lot. I would recommend this to all high school students and college students. It’s a great experience.” Zaqauya Dawkins

This course/class needs to be given to all High School Students.” Gaffney Participant