Success Wanted? Apply Within.

Do you Know How You: work, learn lead work in teams?

“Tell me about you!”

That first interview question leaves candidates stumbling or simply reciting information from the application letter or resume the interviewer has already read. InnerSight brings clarity to your understanding of how you prefer to work, learn, lead, participate in teams, or how willing you are to take risks so you have a powerful and compelling answer for this question that sets you apart from the rest of the applicant pool.

Great organizations seek people that are a good fit. Those people can be clear about who they are and how they really like to work, learn, lead, work on teams or take risks. Organizations that focus on only what you know miss the key ingredient in superior performance and that is your preference for actually doing the work.

It taught me a lot about myself. That underneath I kinda knew but needed to realize
Cayla Radford

InnerSight gives you the self understanding needed to prepare an insightful, mature and distinctive personal statement. With this personal clarity, you write job winning resumes and letters of application. Think about it!


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