Success Wanted? Apply Within.

Does the Experience Tell You What You Should Do?

No! The Experience is all about you.  In the proprietary interpretative Experience, participants discover the interests and preferences that influence their personal decisions.  Participants develop a vocabulary about themselves in the context of their interests and framed in real-world occupations.   Participants easily see what educational, career, or personal choices they can make in order to do what they most prefer.  Some realize things they have never thought about.

 I’ve never even thought about being a florist until today.” Margie Ledford

I learned and confirmed things about myself. Didn’t think I was good at enterprising until it broke down for me.” Jeree Ferguson

The Insight Guide for me gave me more about me and what I need to focus on.” Gaffney Participant

I learned how to manage myself in looking for work that suited my ability.” Spartanburg Participant