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What Are the Experience Guides Like?

Professional!  Participants from different groups and of all ages consistently give the Certified InnerSight Guides high marks on their session evaluations.  Knowledgeable, patient, extraordinary, funny, sensible and engaging are just a few words that have been used to describe the InnerSight Experience Guides. These professionals create a family environment which allows the group dynamic to flourish.

The presenters were enthusiastic and professional.” Union Participant

The instructors presented the material very clear so all could understand.” Spartanburg Participant

They were very knowledgeable & taught in a way that helped me to see that I really do have something to offer….. I thought I had no interests in particular– but found out I do.” Patsy Jackson

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The instruction was clear and wonderful instructors.” Keith Bennet

The presenters were great and very motivating.” Union Participant

The presenters were enthusiastic and I enjoyed learning about me.” Tiffany Thompson

The presenters love what they do. They got me excited to do the same.” Matthew Ledford

The two men today were great, not just as people, but at what they do.” Ms. Foster

Our instructors were very professional and assisted us in every way as we went through our material (They have been where we are).” Gaffney Participant

The presenters were very personal and sociable. They were able to present the information to me on my level.” Virgiua Bridges

The excitement that the leaders had—they were both entertaining and informative.” Spartanburg Participant

The enthusiasm of the presenters kept me engaged. Though this was a group debrief, I still felt the personal aspects” Spartanburg Participant

They explained everything so well.” Dianne Aldrigde

The teachers were cool and did a good job.” Rajhun Mayerr

The teachers explained everything in an understandable way.” Lariks Holme

They were exceptional, skilled trainers. They kept everything light and very understandable.” Gaffney Participant