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Make better life decisions…

Three people around a computer monitor.Throughout our lives, decisions are made that impact the nature and quality of our future—where to attend college, what to study, what career to pursue. Yet, in the process of our educational and career development, we are seldom prompted to ask the fundamental questions: Who am I? What impact does the person that I am have on my personal and professional success?

InnerSight believes that success begins by putting the person in the process of educational, professional and organizational development. By helping individuals uncover a portrait of their personal preferences and interests, InnerSight encourages and guides them in choosing careers consistent with their interests. The Experience helps people understand how they prefer to take in information, make decisions, deal with the outer world, and focus their energy. Discovering who we are begins the process of making truly insightful and effective decisions about the present and the future.

“It was very helpful to me in deciding what to go to school for.”
Lauren Simmons

InnerSight recognizes that the journey to success begins with:

  1. A clear understanding of one’s personal preferences and interests
  2. The cultivation of valuable, personally selected skills and talents
  3. The development of systems and processes that encourage the thoughtful direction of talented individuals into roles and opportunities that unlock, nurture and profit from their interests and gifts