Success Wanted? Apply Within.

What Do You Gain from the Experience?

You decide!  The Experience is so personal that everyone receives something different.  For some, it is confirming.  For others, it opens their eyes to more possibilities or brings focus to their many options.  Many just like finding a vocabulary that describes them.  Participants seem to like learning they can put themselves in the processes of life and in fact it is up to them.  It is best to just hear it from them.

It let me know or confirmed to me that what I would like to do is correct.” Gaffney Participant

It got me thinking about areas that could interest me that I haven’t considered before.” Gaffney Participant

I was given much more than I expected to receive, this program is a plus. This program enhanced my inner strength more and gave me confirmations on my clerical career.” Gaffney Participant

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I have more options available than I realized. It confirmed that I’m doing what I love –working with people” Spartanburg Participant

Narrowing down career choices made sense to me.” Gaffney Participant

I found out I do have lots of interest that I could try.” Kendaisha Wilson

This session was very helpful in trying to find out who I am.” Kendaisha Wilson

It was very helpful to me in deciding what to go to school for.” Lauren Simmons

Vocabulary that describes me.” Union Participant

Getting Confirmation.” Spartanburg Participant

Vocabulary to express who I am.” Meg Quinn

Work preference is totally up to you.” Gaffney Participant

New Outlook” Spartanburg Participant

I was able to get useful info. to help narrow down what I need to do.” Angie Painter

I learned about myself and what I can do.” Michael Baker

When you enjoy what you do, it’s no longer a job, it’s just paid time enjoying yourself.” Rakeia Valentine

Just learning a lot more about myself and leaning that there is more out there that I can do in life.” Raven Davis

It taught me a lot about myself. That underneath I kinda knew but needed to realize” Cayla Radford

Found out what my interest and values are.” Jurel Edwards

I helped me define who I am better.” Twana Waddell

The program helped me very much, helped me learn how to be respectful to others and learn my interests.” Brittany Daver

The in-depth information about other career fields.” Dwieha Butler

Thanks for making a difference in my life.” Rodriquiez Crawford

I was able to affirm my goal’s and work experience” Gaffney Participant

I have enjoyed the class and will definitely use it to better my job or jobs and in building my resume” Gaffney Participant

The outlook of discovering things about myself that I had doubts about.” Loretta Warr

It was very eye opening future wise.” Spartanburg Participant

That I found new jobs that I didn’t know about and that I was interested in.” Andrea Carter

Finding out people like me have jobs and it would be good for me to look into.” Travis Jeter

Made you think about yourself and career paths.” Union Participant

There are more opportunities than I realized.” Gaffney Participant

Learning that I had other interest and to not pursue something that I have no interest in.” Sonja Chiles

I learned something’s about myself that I didn’t know.” Will Frye

It helped me understand what I like to do” Gaffney Participant

It taught me some things about myself.” Union Participant

I am going to take this knowledge and run with it.” Jerrell Greogory

It opened up a little more about me I never really knew.” Gaffney Participant

I learned things that I didn’t know about myself.” Spartanburg Participant

Well it is hard to say because I loved all of it. It made more sense than any teacher that gave a speech.” Bradley Murphy