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What Is The Experience Like

Informative and fun! The Experience is a three-hour interpretative session most often held for groups of 15 to 25. Participants report they have fun learning about themselves and gain valuable information in the process. Because participants bring different personal questions, needs, and experiences to the interpretative session, each participant’s impressions of what the Experience is like are naturally different. Most agree that it is fun and informative, and some would even say they would like to do it again.

This was a great experience for me.” Spartanburg Participant

Most definitely worth my time and I appreciate the time you guys spent.”  Gaffney Participant

This experience has been eye opening in learning the different talents I have and where I can use them.”–Gaffney Participant

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It was fun”   Gaffney Participant

It was informative and fun.”   Jennifer

It was educational and helped a lot.” Tahlea Gaines

Great class” Spartanburg Participant

The atmosphere was very comfortable.” Bernice Murphy

This was a great and fun time. I have a lot to think about.” Spartanburg Participant

Entertaining.” Spartanburg Participant

Had a lot of fun.”   Mark Kay

Great experience and very informative.”   Robin Vauldnson

All students going to college should have this experience.” Rosalind Jefferies

Very thorough.” Steve Lowe

It wasn’t boring, it was interesting.”   Virginia Rice

I completely enjoyed the experience and I was happy because I found out a lot.” Daniezya Harris

That this class is fun and I would come back.” Raven Davis

It was great.”   Anthony Littlejohn

I had a great time today! It was very helpful to me.”   Mahogany Alexander

The experience was very helpful and easy to relate to life.”   Michael Cross

Presenters were Very Courteous – Knowledgeable.” John Prince