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What is the InSight Guide Booklet Like?

A personal booklet all about you.  Your personalized InSight Guide booklet contains the results of your inventory in three distinctive reports.  It has Insight and Next Step pages to facilitate your journey and space where you create those special “My Pages” on which you synthesize your findings in the Experience.   Participants have told us the following about the booklet.

My InnerSight booklet made sense and sounded like me.” Shaquita Elmore

It was understandable.” Brandon Gray

It gave me a variety of other career choices that interest me.” Jasmine Dover

My inventory results made sense and sounded like me.” Mark Velez

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It told me what areas I might focus on.” Gaffney Participant

The details in the Insight Guide Booklet” Gaffney Participant

It helped me understand myself better.” Gaffney Participant