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What Do Participants Like Best about the Experience?

Lots of things! From the accuracy of the results and quality of the materials to depth of personal confirmation participants say that InnerSight has helped them know who they really are –and knowing who you are is the first step in knowing where you are going.

I liked seeing how accurate the results were” Gaffney Participant

The positive, encouraging attitudes of the two men presenting the program, and the informative Guide Book.” Gaffney Participant

Went further in depth with interpretation than others I have been through” Gaffney Participant

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How the book explained to me and told me more about myself.” Tevin Booker

I liked the opportunity to confirm things I knew and the revelation of things I didn’t know.” Lisa Samopaio

The fact that InnerSight actually put my likes and dislikes together to pinpoint who I am and what I would actually enjoy doing.” Crstal Moss

Thank God he opened a door so that I learned the type of person I am and what kind of jobs would suit me.” Gaffney Participant

That it let me realize a lot of things about myself.” Veleka Dawkins

I liked that it gave me information that I didn’t realize about myself.” John Prince

The interaction between the participants and the presenters.” Union participant

That it showed me my stronger points” Jerrel Gregory

How helpful this was to reaffirm who I am.” Joseph Garner

I Like that the information they received about me and that I gave actually will help me determine what I want to do with my life.” Gaffney Participant

That I gained Knowledge about myself.” Gaffney Participant

I enjoyed the information given in a light hearted attitude.” Leslie Lowe

The people made you feel comfortable.” Mr. Jolley

The way they explained everything to understand better.” Kayla Hughey

I enjoyed the fact of confirming some things I already knew, and opening my eyes to others that I didn’t.” Crstal Walker

My booklet” Colby Hawkins

How not boring the guys were.” Ashley Landrum

The instructors were great. I’ll be sure to pass on what I have learned.” Jeree Ferguson

The fact that both instructors were very helpful.” K. Basin

The way they went through and explained every little detail.” Autumn Carpenter

I like how it broke all my skills down to me.” Patrick Butler

That everybody got a turn to say what they wanted to hear.” Le Asia Mack-Gray

I loved the presentation. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole presentation.” Jasmine Hudson

I enjoyed the interaction with both presenters and other participants. The discussions helped bring insight about my career path in addition to the booklet.” Spartanburg Participant

The positive energy filled presentation. Hard to change anything.” S. Marian

Learning about myself.” David McMillan

Learning about my interests and the vocabulary to express it.” Jeff Spires

I really enjoyed everything about this learning experience and the material we received. Thank you!!” Sandra Bragg

That it confirmed what I thought about myself.” Union Participant

That I found out who I am.” Quentino

Finding out what careers best fit me.” Jennifer Leblanc

It’s accuracy.” R. Russell II

That we learned about ourselves.” Demon Guyto

How I learned more about myself and career goals, and they had a sense of humor with their teachings.” Kenaisha Callins

I like that it helped me a lot to find out my interests.” Marlene Gallegos

I like people taking the time out and preparing me for the future.” Antonio Littlejohn

Really showed me a lot about myself and what I would like to do.” Natalya Suprunchik

It made me see more career paths that were suitable for me.” Feliscia Davis

I liked the examples and the interaction during the session” Gaffney Participant

I like hearing about the personal experiences of the presenters. The inventory results and interpretations in terms of mob skills, traits, etc.” Gaffney Participant

Interaction between everyone involved” Gaffney Participant

Meeting the people and not feeling alone” Gaffney Participant

The confirmation of some things I already knew about myself, but also learning other things that applied to me as well.” Gaffney Participant

Leaning more about myself and what I would possibly like doing.” Gaffney Participant

I was very impressed with the entire process. I look forward to reading and studying my booklet!” Spartanburg Participant

How accurate the information was” Union Participant

Being informal.” Charles Woods

The overall presentations and the examples as well as the personalities and guidance given by the instructors made this an effective class” Spartanburg Participant

It was open for discussion.” Charles Allen

I like the fact the experience showed my strength and weakness.” Spartanburg Participant

The knowledge of the presenters, their ability to convey the information.” Elizabeth Welsh