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You Have Served Well. What’s Next? What Careers Suit You Best?


Thinking about a Civilian Occupational Specialty (COS)?

What will your MOS be in civilian life?  Finding your COS can be anxiety producing but it doesn’t have to be.  Many of the things you enjoyed in your military job  have application and can be found in the civilian workforce.  They are not always evident but knowing your personal preferences and interests can help narrow your focus, saving you time, energy, and anxiety.  Find out what people like you do, occupationally, and enjoy.

Knowing who you are is the first step in knowing your next COS!

“I should seek another career because I found out that there are more than one field I am qualified for.  This program should be introduced to the military personnel prior to getting out of the service.”

Peter Braithwaite  23 May 14


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