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Youthful Energy Foundation Seeks Support for Studio Charlotte

Youthful Energy FoundationDonna Reed, Foundation CEO seeks support from the City of Charlotte to establish a dynamic East Side revitalization program to offer educational programs for youth and studio production facilities.

Youthful Energy Foundation a collaboration of Teach Boys And Girls Success, Inc., Bridge Builders Academy, Inc., Academic Clinic Learning Enrichment Center, Inc. is in partnership with PacificaVentures LLC a world class film and studio production company to offer a national model for community and human development. This project will prepare and develop youth for the many opportunities in the entertainment industry while simultaneously bringing those jobs to North Carolina. When construction is completed in 2015 it will be Americas leading example of economic and human development that truly “puts the person in the process” by building on their interests and preferences. InnerSight is closely following the work of Donna (Tea Bags) Reed as she exemplifies the InnerSight guiding belief by putting herself in the process of making a difference in her community and the City of Charlotte.