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Save A Year’s Tuition With a Major That Fits


What is your best fit Major? What do people who share your interests and preferences select as a Major? Complete the InnerSight inventory and participate in the InnerSight Experience to uncover those areas of study people like you most prefer.

Don’t be trapped on the Major Transition merry go round find out who you are and what people like you prefer to major in before making that costly educational choice.

Few people take this costly decision seriously and pay for it later. Data shows that a single change in Major can range from $13,000 to $60,000 as it adds one or more years to degree completion. If you are a good credit risk, creditors will gladly add this to your loan, plus interest, for you to pay upon graduation.

I realized I could have saved a lot of money in college and saved three years.  I majored as a biology student thinking I was going to med school to be a physical therapist when I should have been studying to be a social worker all along.”
Christi Foster-YouthStop

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